Humans! Who wishes to get something from the beginning. A child in his childhood eagerly wanted a toy, Young person’s friend eagerly wanted male or female friends.

As everyone wants to get something but why you wanted something in your life? Did anyone think about it?

As humans are empty from the inside and this loneliness draws other objects. The river draws water from other surroundings. If we spread water of zero density on the ground, then the surrounding dust dissolves within itself. as no one can remain empty.

Scientists say space is a vacuum. But look, the same vacuum has filled millions of planets, asteroids within themselves.

If we talk about “Parmatmana”‘s journey. 

As our spiritual books and Dharm Gurus says, God is absorbed in every particle. To find God “Parmatmana” visited many temples, attended many spiritual lectures, did chantings, Yagya, parikrama, sidhi-sadhna, and many other things, and went door to door of spiritual gurus to find God for ultimate knowledge.

If we talk about “Parmatmana” when he asked the Dharma Gurus about God , as Dharma Gurus replied you can go inside the temple and have a darshan of idols. “Parmatmana”  replied that if I buy these idols and bring it at home, can I say that I have found God ?

There, someone who has met the different type of Mahatmas were chanting a special mantra since birth. He got old, but he could not find even God . An onion teaches not to eat garlic, not to drink tea, to be religious. Someone is insisting on what to do.

As we talk about other Dharma Gurus sitting in different Holy places they will guide you with their knowledge like doing tantra mantra, someone will say not to eat onion, not to drink tea alcohol, etc. someone says try doing meditation, kundalini Jagran, chantings, dhyana yoga, making of Dhyan linga, etc. as different dharma gurus have a different ideology and methods to find God.

These methods they are doing since birth but actually, they didn’t find anything they are making you fools and running the shop just to rule on you.

Do you think by these methods you can find God?

Did your Dharma Gurus have saw the God after so much practice, when “Parmatmana” followed all the methods which are guided by the dharma gurus at the end he still didn’t find the God he met with a Tantric?

As “Parmatmana” again followed the methods which are guided by Tantric so-called Dineshanand to find God.

As Dineshanand the Tantric who haunted 2-4 ghosts and fooling peoples in the name of God with the help of his puppets Birendra Tiwari, Jain, and many more.

God, itself a huge object beyond his comprehension.

Well, by now the evening of life had changed. The age was approx  51 – 52. The courage he had in his early ages was also changed as of now, perhaps he thinks that there is only a word that exists called Paramatma (The God). 

“Parmatmana” devoted half of his life to search about Paramatma (The God) for that “Parmatmana” tried all the methods or paths like Bhakti marg, Gyan Marg, Karm marg, Tantra marg, etc.

But still, he didn’t find anything. at last, he thinks that there is the only word that exists called Paramatma (The God) nothing else. 

As after reaching a particular age, all his desire has been finished as if there is no God  then there is no heaven, no Baikuntha, no divine, etc.

Now “Parmatmana’s”all desires are finished he took a deep breath and get relax and all the desires have ended day by day.

Gradually the mind is getting calm. one day “Parmatmana” thinks, for the one I am running behind he is standing there only in front of my eyes.

Finally when “Parmatmana” Founds the Parmatma (The God) the one he was rushing to find God as God is also the same as he is.

Now everything was bright and clean. Kalima has vanished from the eyes. The one who was standing in front of me, the one who was visible to me and the one who is standing within everyone, was the same.

There was no distinction at all. All boundaries have broken. All differences have fallen. the one who saw has also died and the one he is looking for has also died.

Now in the world has everyone has died. as there is only one left which has no identity.

The thing which was left with “Parmatmana” is the joy, happiness, freedom, etc. of life.

Now when actually “Parmatmana” founds who the Paramatma (The God) is. he thinks of guiding and teaching the world the right path through which they can find the Paramatma (The God).

“Today again a Buddha appeared”.

“Today Buddha has come on the earth again”.

“Today nature has risen again”.

“Today the thunder of the same God was heard again in the winds”.

“Today again the harp within someone has started a new way”.

“Today again crows started singing in the world”. “Today the ocean again started to sing Brahmnaad”.

“Today the divine began to rest on the particle”. “Today again God has brought a peg in his hand and he is again feeding the lovers of love”.

“Today again a new morning is born”.

“Today again the sun has risen with new positive rays”.

“As again in the world of Enlightenment, a new flower has risen.

“As again in the world of Tirthankaras, a new flower has risen.

“As again in the world of Pagambars, a new flower has risen.

“As again in the world of Lightning, a new flame is burned.

the same way “Parmatmana” knowledge has increased and day by day he keeps on spreading the knowledge in the whole world.

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