What is the goal of our life?

What is the way to live?

Before that, we need to know what life is.

Do you think you live? 

The principle you made for living a life, Does this sound like a way to live or not?

You start going to many religious teachers to learn such principles.

Nevertheless, your learning is not as good as was expected or necessary, not satisfactory or sufficient for you.

Happiness is still not entered in your life.

I think that apart from humans, no other creature tried to learn to live life. Did you see anyone else getting confused like this? Yes or no, “Of course not!”

What is the goal of your life? 

You feel hungry, so you eat bread.

Now is there any other way to satisfy hunger? 

When one start considering life goals, it is always somewhere else, it is never knows where it is, in the beginning, the goal can only mean hunger for bread. But later, it can be bliss, joy, heaven.

Because of these perception of mind, you cannot allow yourself to relax at this time. The mind keeps on connecting and going to add further…I have to achieve something, it may be a further projection of something else as a dream reflected. The whole ideology is an approach to poison your consciousness; it is a tactic to make you crazy after goals.

And don’t go on that journey, because that journey becomes a journey which is endless. You cannot distinguish, there is no need.  

There is no need to compare the ideology of thinking, and reality. If you make an effort, you will be more confused. There is no need, because everything appears in the mind as a thought. It can be real or it can be not real, but at the time anything appears in the mind it appears as an idea or in the form of thought.

What is the goal of enlightened life? 

Parmatmana keeps searching the life in terms of goal, waiting to wake up someday and find everyone enlightened. Why today is tension, stress, and depression in life? Why eternity is difficult to feel and achieve? He keeps reminding everyone to forget about ego, desire and not to lose patience and don’t become an emotional fool? 

Life is perfect in itself. Parmatmana says, there is no goal for life. To live life peacefully, happily, and joyful with your open eyes and open mind is enough as there is no goal for that. Life is itself a goal as there is no goal for that.

It’s a trick of your Dharma Gurus who plays a major role in your life, who always puts you in dreams of Heaven, Baikuntha, Jannat, liberation, Moksha, Mukti, Sidhashram, etc.

These teachers have already put you in a dilemma just because of that you have already forgotten what actually life is. You have forgotten the sorrow and happiness of life.

What is the authenticity in it? It is also possible that after reading the book, neither saw nor understood anything, and started influencing people by using the name of God. Giving people the temptation of liberation and heaven has led people astray. 

In the World, everyone is running behind money. Someone wants to achieve the pinnacle of rank prestige. Others are searching where heaven is and how to get liberation, salvation, and mukti etc.

If you talk about Parmatmana or any Buddha who has attained to the enlightenment, who has actually found the truth, they will teach you, you don’t have to reach anywhere.

When Parmatmana has already found the {THE PARMATMA}, you don’t have to reach anywhere. No one can be happy in the future.

There is no other place called heaven, where you will go, where you will get eternal life, where you can find happiness. Whatever is happiness, you will achieve in the present. Anyone who wants to be happy, can be happy here in the present time, because now in your present time, you are all holy and innocent.

He can explain to you how to live a religious life and enjoy every moment of life in the present. If you really want to learn to live a happy life, then stop chasing foolish people, search for any Buddha who can guide you to be happy today and right now. You can get your enlightenment in this life only.

Understand today itself because as Parmatmana is available to guide you.

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