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Terms and Conditions 

Parmatmana website only targets the specific set of audience looking to bring a worthy change in their lives. 

The whole website content is centred around creating awareness and enlightenment among people. 

We aim to take you out of the shackles of false religious beliefs and old-tale baseless stories. Deceits, foxiness, toxicity, false claims have been present since forever. 

There are also deep rooted superstitions in people which they have been following since forever. In the name of Gurus and Sadhus you are only seeing the artificial side of the mirror.

Therefore, our website’s vision is to give you a much needed reality check. The whole website content is designed in a way to lead you towards the path of enlightenment and a happy life. 

We don’t believe to hurt any religious sentiments, beliefs, caste or creed. We have a viewpoint that everyone is having a belief foundation where they establish the facts accordingly. So we respect everyone’s belief without indulging in the efforts of putting them down. 

Any kind of resemblance to any person’s name, caste, religion is unintentional and only used to widen your knowledge and to keep you motivated. In no way, any efforts are made to aggravate any debate on beliefs. 

To let you move towards absolute spirituality, we tried to make our bit. It’s just our thought process and a spiritual effort to sprinkle positivity in an individual’s life. 

We don’t take any responsibility for any kind of belief acceptable on your part after reading our content. You are not deemed to take any legal action or any kind of claim on what you believe is true. 

We haven’t tried to defame any person or to stoop anyone’s beliefs or sentiments. We wholeheartedly welcome anyone who wants to join our community.

Let spirituality take you towards a better life journey and give you the life you deserve. 

These terms govern you use our website by fully acknowledging the fact that we would not be responsible for any legalities. 

Let the truth prevail over Judgements and debates!

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