What is religion and spirituality?

What is the claim of truth in a person’s life?


Religion means to guide peoples in the form of setting up mindsets, rules, faith, and beliefs of followers. All religions guide the human brotherhood. Everyone in this world has an authority to reach the Lord. If we are saying that my religion is the only authentic religion, which means it is not logical. Every person can reach the Lord. The several paths are going towards God. We have to select the one, leave others. We can select only one at a time. Like you cannot drive the two cars at a time. We have to pick one way to reach infinity.


Spiritual means faith, truth, and belief system that connects with the consciousness or spirit. It is knowing   about our inner-self. It’s a kind of journey of awakening about our inner identity and   its   discovery of self.

Truth in a person’s life

 If, we considered an average life of a human being is full of stress. They spend maximum time in his official work, moving in traffic, and other daily routine tasks. In fact, we are living in a world where the sharp intelligence of human being is destroying everything, press manipulating information, university exploiting knowledge, religion is not encouraging morals, and the doctor is spoiling the health. Everyone has their view or understanding to look into the things. People listen as much as they want to hear. An ordinary person has less time to spend on his family and self- awareness. It is correct to say that we do not know our inner self and blindly follow religion.

If we consider the light of truth in a person’s life. In my view, it shows that there is no difference between religions, spirituality, truth and God.

The same word has many names, some call it religion, some call it truth, some call it God, and some call it Allah, some enlightened Buddha.

Before knowing about religion, spirituality, etc., the search for inner self is important and it can be achieved in the direction of self-awakening.

The parmatmana said no. of times in the past, bring the seeker in time. I will make God stand before his eyes. He says that religion has nothing to do with terms like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian and Buddhist.

We can live a life as a Hindu or Christian or Muslim mind. But, our Soul cannot follow or belong to any religion. Minds may be different as we have many cultures, refinements, community, societies, and religions.  Each community or different cultures develop a different mindsets.

The word like religion have social origination or derivation and distracting perceptions of people.

In fact, religion is a discovery. Spirituality is a discovery. Truth is a discovery. And that discovery is not from anyone else. Your own discovery of “who you are”? The day you will find yourself, there is nothing left to search that day.

God says that you are running away from yourself. You are searching for god in Temples, Mosques, Churches, Gurdwaras, Pilgrimages, Kaaba. This has neither helped to date nor will it happen in the future also.

No, it is not the path of religion, nor is it the path of spirituality. Religion is only the name of knowing oneself.

And who we are? Some say you are a drop, some say that you are a soul, some say that you are the son of a god, some say that you are a slave. But do you know who you are?

The day you find yourself, you find that you are what you were looking for, what you were searching for, in which you were running in search of “Purna Brahma,” or “Eternal Soul.” In fact, you are truly God. But part of the divine. Just like a leaf is a part of a tree. God is the ocean and we are the drops. So this further argues how a drop can ever become an ocean. A droplet can merge itself with the ocean. A person can achieve his personal freedom by destroying his ego and desire. It is not correct to say that it is the ocean. It can become an ocean…, that’s fine.

parmatmana says that the goal of every human being is to attain the level of intelligence and if you create a new self-image, the way you want to be. If you know enough and can recreate your image, utterly new image, whatever you want. You should be ready to leave the old image, and instead of acting unconscious, you work consciously. You can form an image that provides you the maximum support, an image that will create a lot of happiness around you. It must be portable, you can carry it easily, wherever you go. You can create an image that is the closest to your inner nature. But, it is never recommend you to generate self-image for you which consist of ego.

You have to raise your perception and recognize yourself. Even, you can see the inner nature is peaceful, free of ego, not impressive but too stable and robust. You have to become conscious and bliss. If you know you are something from your previous image, then in such a way it will not be possible. See that there is more love in the new image, what we are creating now is better than what we have earlier. You are that form (shadow) of auspicious divinity. You have to become an observer or evidence of thoughts that usually flow currently from our mind.

Let us take an example; since childhood, we usually look up at the sky. We wished that we could be a part of the sky like a bird and a cloud. We also wanted to fly, and this was not possible. If we were not a river or a bird, how can we make ourselves as part of thoughts? If someone called you Saint or Joker or something else, then you do not start to create the images for you. You are just a witness to thoughts. We can achieve personal freedom in this way.

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