In finding religion, not even a single effort has to be put in. you only just have to remove your orthodox, superstitious, the disciple you are following, measures you are taking, going to the pilgrimages, heaving fast doing unnecessary things which are wasting your time.

but exactly you know what happened with you? 

the day you are born you are entitled to follow the following measures which distracted your mind.

 once these things are removed you can easily find the truth.

“Parmatmana” :- he teaches you nothing has to be done, the more you do, the more you will get away from yourself. 

Once you get to indulge in the following measures, the more you will get involved in these things, later at a certain age, you get to know what you have exactly missed in life. 

 he says no efforts have to be put from your end just be free from the following measures and you will get enlightened.

Buddha didn’t create any aura in your mind, rather Buddha has taught you the truth behind life. he guided you into what the religion is. 

he removed The garbage which is there in your mind and the conservative ideologies you are carrying since birth. 

“Parmatmana”: he teaches You the right path to get enlightened for that you have to do nothing. you just have to be calm, Learn to relax.

just listen to the lecture of “Parmatmana”. the day you will realize that you are actually calm from inside, the day you are free from your mind that day you will find yourself in the state of Buddha the day you will get enlightened.

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