Dharam! What is it? What is spirituality? What is the truth?

For this, first know this. That religion, spirituality, truth, God is not different, the same thing has many names, some call it religion, some call it truth, some call it divine, some call it God, some call it Allah, Some enlightenment, some Buddha, some enlightened. Any intelligence, someone awake? Someone say self-realization? say anything. Is the same.

Everyone, being in different traditions, gave them different names so that their ego would be maintained. Maintain your own self. Increase your ego. Do not let your existence disappear.

But God says that before knowing him, before knowing religion, spirituality, truth, God, God, know who is the knower. God has said many times before that he explained that you should bring the seeker. I will make God stand before his eyes. God says religion is not a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist, Jain name.

Religion is a discovery. Spirituality is a discovery. Truth is a discovery. And that discovery is not from anyone else. Your own discovery of who you are? The day you find yourself, there is no more left to search for that day.

God says that you are running away. In temples, in mosques, in churches, in gurdwaras, in pilgrimages, in Kaaba Kashi. Nothing happens with this because if it could have happened then it would have happened.

No, this is not the path of religion. It is also not the path of spirituality. God says religion is only the name of knowing oneself.

And who are you Some say you are a boo, some say you are a soul, some say you are a soul, some say you are a god, some say you are a slave. But did you know who you are?

It is said by God. The day you find yourself, you find that you are what you were looking for, what you were searching for, in which you were running in search of full Brahman. Some say that we are only God. But part of the divine. That is, he is the ocean and we are the drops. So he argues that how can a drop ever become an ocean. So God says that it is not right to say that a person can join the drop ocean and erase his own personality and know that ocean and it can become an ocean. It is the ocean. This is fine.

This feeling occurs only on his own disappearance.

Today, one day the divine will happen to you, everyone will because everyone has the right to receive that God and this method is called spirituality, this method is called Spiritualism and the name of this method is true. His name is God and his name is Dharma.

But today, people subdued ignorance, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist, Jain! All these ideologies have been accepted as religion and due to this they themselves are getting sad and confused.

God says that he has touched that level of intelligence and he says that the goal of every human being is to attain the level of intelligence and as soon as any human being attains that level, then his own existence ends there it happens. It disappears itself.

God says only a living Buddha can bring you to this level. Only a living Buddha can explain you about religion, about truth, about spirituality. Only a living Buddha can make the other Buddha.

Today all of you also have an opportunity because today a Buddha has again emerged. If you also want to attain that level of intelligence, you want to know that religion, truth, spirituality, God, God. If you want to know yourself, this is the time. This is the time to wake up and get religion. Know the truth, become enlightened.

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