If we talk about humans, the human mind has always aspired to be happy, to be independent and this desire is only there in the human mind which will remain to be there for the rest of life.

Everyone has a desire to remain independent, the desire to roam freely, the desire to fly in the infinite sky, the desire of animals to roam in vast open forests, etc.

Humans want to be free from everything, there is nothing wrong with this.

If anyone says that being free from everything is wrong, and the person who is holding someone in a cage is that ok for everyone or you want a free state of mind?

As in today’s scenario, humans have also created their thoughts, principles, superstitious beliefs, orthodox beliefs, etc. after all it’s wrong.

Liberation means complete independence. 

initially, you have to identify who you are, later you have a right to choose your path.

The day when you get to know who you are, the day you will get satisfied you get all your freedoms. The same satisfaction can give you peace, joy, being free, etc.

“Parmatmana” says.

Religion is made to make humans happy, a principle is made to make humans happy, a scripture is made to make humans happy. But humans couldn’t be happy because society has put the scriptures, principles, religions has pressurized the humans to follow such religions. 

Today it seems that humans are made for religion, for principles, for the scriptures.

Everything has gone upside down and changing such ideology is called a revolution.

“Parmatmana”  says:- that the awakening of humans and getting enlightened and the self-realization of humans is called religion. 

“Parmatmana” says:-

You are searching for the truth, but you still didn’t find what exactly you wanted from your life.  

you are searching for 100 years but exactly you find the truth or not?

In today’s world, the whole world is running its shop in the name of religion. here “Parmatmana” says, humans should be happy and free from mind neither he teaches you any disciple nor he will teach you to live in your dreams.

“Parmatmana”  says:-  if you want to attain heaven, then make your present life heaven, if you want liberation then be liberated, if you want to get nirvana then experience it here only. and if you want to see the truth then be ready to be divine yourself.

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