It’s Ok To Be Sad- Just Don’t Overdo It

If you are trying to avoid sadness, you are trying to avoid life!

Sadness is the part of life which no one can avoid. Everybody cries in their lives and it is completely normal. Whether you are watching an emotional movie or you just had a bad day, tears may come out of your eyes every time.

But what is more important for us to understand is what is the main reason behind this sadness. Once we get to know the reason behind sadness, things will automatically become better when you will start working on it.

But is that easy to understand the reason behind our sadness?

As per Parmatmana, we have always been looking for the reasons for our sadness in the wrong places. He explains how we are always so busy making other people happy and keeps working for them rather than doing something that makes us happy.

He further explains that we are never satisfied with what we have instead we are always comparing ourselves with others and become sad about it.

Parmatmana says that it is ok to be sad about a particular loss or situation but stretching it like rubber and building your present and future on that sadness is not the right thing to do.

Understand Why Are You Sad

The walls we have built to keep the sadness outside will also keep the joy away!

It will become a lot easier for us if we understand why we are feeling sad in our life. We are always in the race of becoming better than others and if we are not able to do that, disappointment breaks our hearts.

The feeling of fulfilment is always missing!

We often fail to understand that everyone is unique. Everyone has their own capabilities and achievements in life. Therefore, rather than thinking about what other people do or what other people have achieved, focus on what you have.

In this race of life, oftentimes we forget or take people for granted who support and appreciate us. This is why we are always sad.

Parmatmana explains that we are not sad because we do not have a particular thing but we are sad because the other person has it. He says that we need to focus more on ourselves rather than others.

If we are happy, our surroundings will be happy. Parmatmana advises finding happiness in yourself, not in the materialistic world and things.

How Can I Stop Feeling Sad?

We stay sad until we start missing happiness!

Many people come to Parmatmana asking why we are sad. How can we find happiness? 

Parmatmana always advises everyone to begin finding happiness in what they have. One must feel fulfilled by the things they own and the people they have with them. 

Moreover, we have come up with some tips to explain to you how you can avoid sadness in your life. Check them out below:

1. Never Be Afraid To Feel Sad

There is nothing wrong with feeling sad!

Sadness is one of the emotions that a human feels. Whenever something bad happens to you, there are times when you may feel that the world will end. But that is something you must not feel, instead, you should distract yourself and think about the positive things in your life. Parmatmana says that instead of feeling sad about things, consider this as an opportunity to learn and grow.

2. Find Something That Makes You Laugh

Laughter is the best therapy!

Parmatmana says why are you holding up to the things that make you sad. You must focus on the things that make you laugh or happy. If you are feeling sad about a certain thing, simply do something that makes you happy. If you enjoy cooking, cook something or if you enjoy reading, get a cup of coffee and read your favourite book. If nothing works, simply sit with people who appreciate your presence and efforts.

3. Frame Your Thoughts Again

Leave your past behind and think about the present!

One thing that we all do is that if something bad happens, we keep thinking about it and even plan things for our future in the same way. If you wish to be happy, you need to start living in the present and not think about what happened in the past and what will happen in the future. Stick to your present only and think about what makes you happy in the present.

Some Wise Words From Parmatmana

Parmatmana says that to be happy, you need to find happiness within yourself. No materialistic things, no other person can give you the feeling of fulfilment. It is and it always will be about you.

If you are happy, people around you will be happy. If you are sad, you will only notice sadness around you. So, start being happy with what you have and sadness will never come to you!

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