Reason Behind Your Sadness and Despair

Reason Behind Your Sadness

Money cannot buy you happiness: this is not only true in its literal sense but also in its practical sense. Look around and see how many rich and elite people are happy? Are they actually happy, or do they just pretend to be happy? 

If you ask a poor person the reason behind his sadness, he will give an instant reply that it is because of poverty, but then a rich person has everything he needs, then why is he still unhappy?

The answer to all these questions is that our mindset is what makes us unhappy because we tend to believe that being rich will bring us happiness and everything we need. 

But we are wrong in thinking so because money can buy you almost every materialistic thing in the world, but it cannot give the peace of mind that you crave and search for.

Money is a necessity that you need to fulfill your needs in this world, but it is not a necessity to attain happiness and peace in this world. We believe that it is because this has been engrossed in our minds since childhood, and we automatically invest our whole lives in this absurd thought. 

This peace of mind is what will grant you happiness in every sense, every form, and every state. So, the major reason behind your sadness and despair is your mindset, your perception, and your beliefs.   

How Can You Remove Sadness From Your Life

Sadness is what your thinking and mentality have brought you. Our greed for luxury or money is what makes us sad. To keep yourself happy, you need to learn to appreciate the things that you now have. 

In this race of wanting more and more, we leave happiness far behind us and then cultivate sadness. We become insecure and restless. These pointers given below will guide you as to how you can remove sadness from your life:

  • You need to change your mindset that money can buy you happiness.
  • You need to learn to be happy and satisfied with what you have.
  • You should not be insecure if somebody has more money than you; instead, you should try to improve yourself healthily.
  • Your status depends on your hard work, and if you believe that cultivating sadness for being poor is justified, then you are wrong.
  • You are responsible for your sadness and restlessness and nobody else.

Dissatisfaction Is Directly Linked To Sadness 

You are dissatisfied with everything because you are constantly in a race to earn more and more money, and when you fail to do so, you become sad and restless. 

You start questioning yourself, your strengths, and your capability, and this is the reason why the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer.  

We believe in the notion that the one who has got lots of money is happy and satisfied, but we are wrong because the one who is rich is constantly under the fear of people looting him, being after his money. So, why do we still believe that money can buy us anything?

Nobody seems to be happy because nobody is actually satisfied with what they have or possess. They are ungrateful, and this ungratefulness is what pushes them down in the ditch of sadness and dissatisfaction. 

This sadness and dissatisfaction are what we have inherited from our society because if we look around us, nobody is actually happy. People of every religion and every status in society are unhappy and dissatisfied. 

Being Religious Only, Won’t Gain You Happiness

Religion is one’s personal matter that is internal and connects our soul with God. By announcing that we are religious, pretending to be religious doesn’t guarantee you happiness.

Religion has become more of a competition than a system of beliefs. People don’t invest more in learning and understanding their religion, but they are more after being called religious people by society. 

Religion is what should reflect us from the inside out, but how will the religion that we follow help us attain happiness when it is gained superficially and with the purpose of boasting.

So, We cannot gain happiness if we acknowledge and accept such beliefs. Our society, our beliefs, and our pre-conceived notions need to change. Only then we can progress into a better society and can move towards happiness and prosperity. 

The only method to keep you happy is to be satisfied with what you have. Do not only get stuck in the competition with others but also take your people and society and make it a better place to live in. 

Learning to appreciate what you have seems to be difficult in the beginning, but when you learn it, there’s no going back. You are the maker of your life, so stop wasting your life in sadness and despair because of materialistic things like money or luxury.

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