For Liberation, Death Is Not Necessary

For Liberation, Death Is Not Necessary

We often believe that liberation can only be attained after death. But this seems to be challenging if we talk about the literal meaning of liberation. It means setting one free from something. So, we can attain liberation by setting ourselves free from all the conventional, primitive notions that reside in us and in our society. 

We have been trapped by our own hands, which have put shackles of religion, primitiveness, and obligation around our necks. Nobody has linked or bound us to these shackles, but it is our own self that has done this. 

We have created a forceful link that talks mostly about our possession of our religion, sentiments, beliefs, conventional notions, etc. And once we set ourselves free from these shackles, we will attain liberation. 

What Is Liberation?

If you understand the faults in your life, the bondages and the shackles that you have been bound to, and comprehend that they limit you and your capabilities, then that is what liberation is.

You cannot wait for death and believe that only then you will attain liberation. To attain liberation, you have to understand yourself and nothing else. You have to understand how these shackles are bound to us by this society and once you know this, work on it, and analyze it, and you are free and happy.

We tend to live in a shell, a shell that defines us in terms of our body and our mind. Our bondage to this shell has been created by the society we live in using the tools such as religion, fate, destiny, and faith. 

And we have to break free of this shell and understand how important liberation is for us to live happily and to attain that peace of mind that is somewhere lost under those shackles. 

We invest more in making people happy and making them understand that we know religion; we boast about us being religious. But is what divinity really wants from us? This sheer vanity is what leads us towards unhappiness, pretense, and ungratefulness. 

So, Liberation is not only knowing ourselves but also asking these questions to ourselves, finding their answers, growing in terms of true and actual knowledge, and shunning baseless facts and preconceived notions.

Self-Introspection Is Path To Liberation

Liberation can be attained in this world only; you don’t need to die for it. But you just have to comprehend and understand yourself and go through self-introspection. Once you know yourself, keep all these man-made shackles aside, and understand your meaning and value your existence in this world, only then will you be free and liberated.

You need to break all the age-old shackles of conventional beliefs, thought process, preconceived notions, mentality, etc., which bind you and complicate your life more and more. 

Self-introspection is self-knowledge or knowing yourself, your nature, your soul, your heart, and your mind. Self Introspection is knowing your connection with divinity and how it is there irrespective of the conditions put forward by society. 

You have to understand the limits of your body and think beyond these limits and boundaries because these limits are confined only to your body and not your soul. 

So, the first step towards liberation is understanding who you are, are you at the right place, the meaning behind your existence, and progressing towards development.

Religion And Liberation Have No Connection

We cannot link liberation with religion, as religion has nothing to do with liberation. Liberating our mind and soul from the shackles made by society is not related to religion in any sense. We do relate these two terms because of our illiteracy and superficial knowledge. 

We interlink liberation and religion because we have been taught so by the so-called preachers of religion. We have been taught that liberation comes through religion, and religion comes through our pretense of being religious. But it takes a lot of time to understand and comprehend that both inter-connections are baseless and untrue. 

These baseless notions are deep-rooted in our society, and it may take many years or decades to remove this superficial knowledge from their minds. It will take a lot of counseling, speeches, and examples to make them accept and understand that they are moving towards nothing. 

But even if one thought process is changed and moves towards progress, that is an achievement in itself. Because these illogical beliefs and sheer illiteracy have caused ruin and destruction in our society, cultivating such knowledge doesn’t let us move towards development and hampers our growth as a nation on a large scale.

Thus, it is important to understand that change comes within ourselves. Once we understand and practice this, our society will definitely change and develop. At the end of the day, even some change in the thinking of people means that we are progressing towards something real and logical. Therefore, the very first thing that we have to do is to change our mindset and work on our progress. 

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