Change Yourself By Shunning Selfishness-Says Parmatmana

Selfishness and sticking to the word ‘I’ is what has made us move toward failure and doom. We have often heard the sayings ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ or ‘If you want to change, start with yourself first”. We use these sayings so much but fail to understand and apply these in our lives.

We often dream about us achieving something for our society or achieving a certain goal but we don’t understand that these things won’t be actually achieved by dreaming about them. You have to put yourself to work in order to transform these dreams into reality.

“But where to start from?”: This question is what stops most of us from changing anything. Parmatmana says the change should start only within YOU. According to him, if you change yourself, the world around you will become a better place.

This change in your own self will only start when you work towards stopping the use of the word ‘I’. We use it so much that it has become a part of our show-off and vanity. It is not just a pronoun, but it has become a tool for showing our authority, validation, and possession.

For changing yourself, personal development comes first. You need to work on your personal development because it helps you to maturely solve the problems that come your way.

Parmatamana says you cannot change everything about yourself because it is not possible to completely reform yourself into a new being, but you can work on your loopholes and try to change them. He says, even a small change matters, and it eventually becomes an important part of the big change.

Change doesn’t come overnight, but it is a gradual and slow process for which you require patience, understanding, and forbearance. It will take its time, but once you feel it is done, you will understand the worth of being so patient and tolerant.

It is not an easy thing to do. It comes with risks, criticism, and failure, but you have to be ready for this challenge for your own sake.

He explains how our obsession with the word ‘I’ has not only made us selfish but has created havoc in the society we live in.

We don’t love our nation for what it is, but we love it because we have this thought process that this nation is the best because ‘I’ live in it. We don’t follow our religion because of our interest or belief in it but because we think that how can something not be true when ‘I’ am following it.

This thought process is what has stopped our growth and development and made us selfish beings who just care about themselves.

Invest On Understanding Your Own Self

When asked how we can change ourselves? Parmatmana said that change will only come when we take the time and invest in understanding our own selves.

But the very first thing that needs to be done is to accept that you need to change. When you have realized that the change is necessary, half your work is done.

Investing in yourself will bring you satisfaction, happiness, health, and a feeling of accomplishment. It is the first and most important step in the process of changing and evolving yourself.

It focuses more on your self-development and self-awareness. Investing in yourself gives you experience, helps you in gaining improvement, and makes you a better human being.

Some Tips To Change Yourself

The teachings of Partmana are endless. He has also taught many people to change themselves and has been there through their phases of change. Here are some tips by Parmatmana which will help you change yourself for a better future:

  • Set goals for what you want to achieve. Writing down your goals helps a lot in investing in yourself.
  • Confidence is what you will require at every stage of this process because, without confidence, you won’t be ready to do anything.
  • Keep a journal and write about what you feel, and whatever you did in a day because when you read all of this it helps you keep a track of where you have started. While writing, you contemplate your emotions and feelings and get to know yourself more.
  • Work towards your mental health. Do yoga or meditation and think about your personal health and goals.
  • Increase your knowledge by reading books and learning new things. You can also learn new skills that improve your abilities.
  • Organizing is key to every development as it makes your tasks seem easy and helps you to do everything systematically. It not only increases your efficiency but also helps you to release your stress.
  • Spend time with your loved ones because this is the most simple habit that will help you grow, know yourself, and take care of your loved ones. Spending time with your family makes you appreciate the people around you and lets you know your worth.
  • Strategize things so that your path towards development is easy and free of any kind of hurdles or obstructions.
  • Track your changes and achievements because it will help you to analyze where you came from and what you achieved.

Therefore, investing in yourself will help you change and reform yourself, your ideologies, beliefs, notions, and ideas. It develops your inner as well as outer personality and focuses on your overall development.

Parmatmana says understanding yourself is a product of investing in yourself, and when you understand yourself, you will get rid of all the things that stopped you from growing.

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