Why Search For Divinity Outside When It Resides Within Us?

This question holds the power to unravel the greatest truths of humankind. What is it that we search outside when we are lost and seeking guidance to make a fulfilling life? The answer is very easy to understand but it is difficult to accept.

We humans have taken birth in a society where we have received guidance and instruction beforehand to deal with the situations of life. We have been left behind with the teaching of our ancestors and their beliefs on the higher power which is meant to guide us.

It takes courage to stand alone and question the teachings that we have been receiving throughout our lives. But this question will lead you to answers that will become the path to attaining a higher power.

Parmatmana says that the higher power is not some divine intervention but is the ability to have faith in oneself and understand how you are the master and creator of your life. This shall be the true mantra to guide people in their lives.

Why Is It Difficult To Leave The Traditional Beliefs?

The decision of choosing a different path than what you have followed throughout your life will be the most difficult and bold decision that a person has to make. It is difficult to leave behind the belief system that has been embedded in us and the generations above.

We have been raised to believe in God, the ultimate creator that has provided all the answers to living the best life we can live. These answers and principles have been handed down to us from generation to generation in the form of scriptures and prayers.

Numerous men have memorized these mantras and sayings on the tip of their tongues but have they received the enlightenment that was promised? Are they living the best life that they could have asked for?

Even when the answer is negative people will still stick to following the teachings to blend in with the crowd. This gives them assurance and acceptance in society, among the people that look up to them. They become the promoter and propagators of their religion blinded by fame and acceptance.

How To Find Divinity Inside Ourselves?

Parmatmana explains that the higher powers that are the source of ultimate good are available all around us. It can be seen in almost every aspect of one’s life only when we find it acceptable and try to understand it. The greatest sources of the higher power lie within ourselves.

Yes, we are the keepers of divine power. Our perspective of life and its purpose has been significantly impacted by these limitations, leaving us further behind. We haven’t looked into the purpose and core of life, thus we don’t know the worth of our own power.

  • Parmatmana answers the only way to activate the true power in ourselves is through:
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-care
  • Compassion
  • Leaving behind the limiting beliefs
  • Embracing our fears and faults
  • Taking inspiration
  • Keep learning

We’ve all experienced moments when we doubt our abilities. The most essential thing is to never quit while you work on having faith in yourself. Obstacles will surely come your way, but what counts is how you handle them.

We need to delve deeply and refocus on what we truly desire in life: learning how to have confidence in ourselves. You can have it in reality.

The boundaries that our society has erected in the shape of religion, beliefs, and feelings are the root cause of our inability to comprehend the higher power within us. Finding a purpose in life may provide you stability and the motivation to achieve anything you put your mind to.

Why Working On Oneself Is Important?

To attain what we desire, it is important to change the beliefs we have been accepting all these years. Self-realization offers you a route, directs you, and aids in the accomplishment of your life’s goal. Your life will be filled with pleasure and joy when you discover your true purpose in life.

Developing self-belief requires gaining self-assurance in your skills along with finding love with the aspects of your character, worldview, and life experiences that make you become the higher self.

Recognizing that you yourself are the only one who will drive the engine of your own achievement is the foundation of being self-dependent and realizing your true power. Finding your inner strength will enable you to accept life’s path, with all of its highs and lows, and to see how each difficulty results in the development of new abilities, knowledge, and endurance.

Parmatmana says, no matter how much you dwell on working on yourself, true achievement can only be unlocked when you leave your limiting beliefs. The propaganda that is taught by society.

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