Poverty And Religion: Are They Actually Interlinked?

Have you also heard a lot of people saying that God is closer to those who are poor? Doesn’t it seem absurd to you?

Many people out there link poverty to their religion. But certainly, that’s not the case. Religion is only meant to elevate your thoughts, financial conditions, and soul. If that’s not what your religion is doing for you, you are on the wrong path. 

India is a country where almost every religion resides, which makes it a secular and culturally rich country. But investing too much in religion by the wrong means of knowledge is what makes us the last in the race of development. 

People who claim to be religious and know religion often accept poverty as their fate, but they do not know that religion can never guide anybody to be poor. 

Let’s understand this with a very common problem, which is casteism. Dalits or untouchables are said to be born poor and remain poor for the rest of their lives. But why is it so? Did the Divine power make them Dalits or untouchables? Were they born to be Dalits? 

This is very unfortunate to know and accept the fact that these tags, castes, race, etc., have been made by us and nobody else. No divine source created this caste system and didn’t create them as untouchables. Then how can we claim everything to be the fault of our stars or fate that creates this misery? 

This proves that we are responsible for our own misery, downfall, poverty, and shortcomings. We have been created as humans so that we can think, analyze and understand what is lacking in us and how we can improve that.  

Religion Does Not Define Who You Are

We have been investing so much in religion that we tend to believe in all the wrong things taught to us, which prevent our growth and ultimately restrict the development of our nation on a larger scale. 

Religion is something that connects our soul to God. It is something personal that doesn’t get justified by vocally admitting our failures and making religion our shield to hide our incapability and lethargy. 

In our country, Religion is used for every secondary thing for what it was not meant, and this happens because we have been taught this way. And this won’t change till we make it loud and clear among the masses that religion does not define who you are. 

Some key points that are to be looked upon in order to understand and rectify our misconceptions about religion:

  • We cannot justify being poor or failing in something by stating that this is written in religion and that the poor ones are closer to God.
  • We cannot call ourselves the advocates of religion when we don’t even know what it actually preaches.
  • We cannot say that being poor in the present is the result of our bad deeds done in our previous lives because it doesn’t make any sense at all.
  • We need to put religion on one side and our work-life or achieving something on another side because, in a country like India, these two things are often mixed up, resulting in poverty.
  • Religion guides us to be better people and not to invest more in lethargy and procrastination.
  • Things won’t automatically come to you. You need to step out of your comfort zone and break the shackles of primitiveness and absurdity to achieve something in life.

Make The Best Out of Your Life

You have been given a life and won’t get it, again and again. So do the best you can to make your life worth living. You can be religious or whatever you want, but don’t let the primitive, absurd, and illogical beliefs come in your way of growth because you are responsible for yourself, your development, your ruin, and your development. 

You cannot bring religion or destiny to your rescue for whatever happens to you. Remember and understand that faith is neither responsible for your achievements nor for your ruin or failure. 

You are responsible for both the outcomes because it depends on you whether you work to improve your living or not. The ways using which you can make the best out of your life are:

  • Throw away the primitive beliefs and absurd phenomena.
  • Work on your growth and do whatever possible.
  • Learn and study the actual teachings of religion from authentic and reliable sources.
  • Know yourself and work towards the growth of society.
  • Make people understand the importance of taking the matter into your hands and being responsible for yourself.
  • Set an example for people to shun their conventional beliefs and work towards a progressive life.
  • Analyze and understand what causes all these misconceptions in society and try to eradicate them.
  • Even if you fail in achieving something, don’t lose hope but try again and believe in yourself to achieve what you desire.

Therefore, it all depends on you, you have got two ways, and you have to choose one. You can either choose to be successful and hardworking, or you choose to invest in lethargy and absurdity. It’s all in your hands and remember to make your life worth living by helping yourself out.  

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