Taking Responsibilities For Our Worries And Shortcomings

We often believe that whatever bad has happened to us is because of our fate or it had been written for us. You might have often heard your family, friends, and sometimes yourself mentioning things that you weren’t able to accomplish by a statement that ‘it wasn’t written for me’ or ‘it was not in my fate.’ 

These terms have become a virtual escape we instantly use whenever we fail to do or achieve something. If we are poor, we make it look as if we were born to be poor. 

But the truth is Nobody is born to be poor. It is our deeds, laziness, lethargy, primitiveness, and illiteracy that make us poor. 

How can we blame our fate for our poverty when we were the ones who created and invented money for our own benefit, and still we tend to accept our poverty by announcing that we were ‘born to be poor’. 

All these misconceptions are a result of our less and wrong knowledge that has been provided and disseminated to us by the people who pretend and claim to know everything about religion. 

Thus, we need to be responsible enough to know and correct our failures and shortcomings to eradicate the absurd and primitive knowledge that is deep-rooted in our society. 

Self-Introspection Is The Key To Knowledge 

We often fail to do something or to meet our work deadlines because of our laziness and fear that we might fail. Fear of failure, lethargy, and primitiveness is what causes us to fail miserably in achieving something in our life. If you stay at your home all day doing nothing, then how can you even think of improving your condition?

All you need to do is remove this filth and misconception to know yourself by self-introspecting your soul, mind, and heart. Introspection is a process that enables you to examine and know yourself. It helps you in self-awareness and lets you know your shortcoming, strengths, and weaknesses. 

If you know your weakness or why you fail in achieving something, then you can definitely deduce the ways to improve yourself and turn that failure into success by self-analyzing. 

Self-introspection is the primary tool that will help us remove this primitiveness and absurdity from our society and invest in ourselves. This will automatically lead to the development of our society as a whole. 

For example, if a person who has completely submitted to religion and believes in the notion that he was born to be poor, someday, by counselling and awareness, goes through a proper self-introspection. 

He will get to know himself and his weaknesses, and this will make him eager to work on them and ultimately improve his condition. So, it is very important to make people know their worth and remove their lethargy and primitive knowledge because God will help you only when you decide to help yourself. 

What’s Stopping You From Growing In Life?

Bringing out fate and luck or even religion, for the matter of fact, to justify your incapability of doing something adds to your inability. It restricts you from achieving any type of growth in life. If you think that you are poor because you are destined to be poor, then it is very unfortunate and disappointing on your part to think so. 

Because your destiny didn’t make you poor, your lethargy, primitive beliefs, and inability are what has made you poor. You are yourself the biggest reason for your downfall and ruin. 

If you work hard in life, set a goal, and try your best to achieve it, then you can definitely change your destiny and move towards growth and development, but if you keep lingering after fate, then you can reach nowhere in life. 

You will be stuck forever with the shackles of destiny and fate you put around your neck. These shackles will imprison you deeper and deeper, leading you towards nihilism and absurdism. To move ahead on a path of growth and development, make sure you follow the points mentioned below:

  • Go through self-introspection and understand yourself, your needs, strengths, weaknesses, etc.
  • Channelise your strengths so that they enhance your personality and make you capable enough to create your own identity with your work.
  • Plan things out in a manner that you set a goal and do everything possible to reach that goal.
  • Say goodbye to lethargy and start from scratch to actively make yourself capable of something.
  • Believe in yourself that you can achieve anything with determination, perseverance, and self-belief. 

Therefore, to eradicate poverty, you need to help yourself by going out and working to earn something and improve your condition. Blaming your fate for being poor is a primitive and obsolete excuse that will not let you grow in any way possible and will, in turn, deteriorate your condition more. 

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