Do Not Give External Pursuits The Power To Influence Your Happiness

Your happiness lies within You and only you can find it!

When it comes to happiness, we have a lot of external reasons to be happy but when it comes to our internal happiness, most of us are quiet.

Do you know why?

Because most of us are always in denial that we are living our lives to the fullest and we are happy with it.

If a simple achievement in society or your work, getting a better job, or even getting what you want makes you happy, it means that you are giving external pursuits the power to control your happiness.

That being said, this type of happiness is only temporary!

Therefore, to bring happiness to your life, you need to search for happiness within yourself. You need to learn to be happy with the things that you have and own.

But how will you find happiness within yourself?

Only the feeling of fulfilment can bring happiness to your life!

Parmatmana says to find something that makes you feel fulfilled. Be happy with what you have and be grateful for those things.

Gratitude, selflessness and kindness are only the ways to be happy.

Understand The True Meaning Of Happiness

True happiness is not fragile!

Parmatmana says when you find happiness in external pursuits, that happiness is fragile. As soon as your circumstances change, your happiness will also evaporate.

Such happiness is not true happiness. It is when you are happy with yourself and your surroundings even when the circumstances are not in your favour. 

Always remember that no other person or no other thing can make you happy. Only you can make yourself happy and no one can take that happiness away from you.

So, if you are finding the meaning of true happiness, do not look anywhere else. Just look into the mirror and learn to love yourself for what you are and how you look. You will see everything falling to its place with your acceptance.

How To Get Happiness In Your Life?

Happiness is not something you find but it is something that you build!

Parmatmana says that you can never find happiness but you can build a happy world for yourself. Everyone has their own version of happiness and their happy world. But if you are trying to get there, we have got some tips for you to help you.

  • Sit with people who make you happy: stop sitting with people who make you conscious about yourself. Instead, choose to sit with people who observe the best things in you. Choose people who are happy to see you and spend time with you.
  • Do not leave your values: your values define the kind of person you are. If you leave your values just to make people happy or build a happy place for you, you are not going to get anything in the end.
  • Accept the good things: There is always something good in everything and you need to learn to accept all the good things. Even if it is a small thing that makes you happy, let that thing in.
  • Think the best about yourself: We often believe we perceive ourselves in the way others criticise us and this is the worst thing that we do to ourselves. Therefore, no matter what other people think and say about us, always think the best about yourself. Always think that whatever will happen will be the best for you.
  • Do the things you love: Focus on the things that you love to do. Often we are so busy doing things that make other people happy or the things that we do not even like. Somewhere in between all this, we often forget to do what we love to do. Therefore, you must find some time from your routine and do what you like to do or just sit around and meditate.
  • Accept the change: For us humans, it is very difficult to accept any change. This rigidity towards change makes us unhappy with our circumstances or situations if they are not in our favour. We can only be happy in all situations if we understand how to deal with the change and how to accept it.

Wandering here and there to find happiness is not going to do anything for you. You need to look for happiness within yourself only.

Parmatmana says to achieve true happiness, you need to learn how to be happy with what you have and how you are. External pursuits should not affect your happiness. True happiness is only achieved when it does not change with your circumstances and situations.

Stop making other people happy and find happiness in their happiness but now you need to focus on yourself and feel fulfilled. The day you get the feeling of fulfilment will be the day you will get your true happiness.

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