Know Yourself Before Everyone Else

Knowing yourself is your true compass!

Parmatamana says that the main purpose of your life is to know yourself. Many people come to him asking about the meaning and purpose of their lives. According to Paramatmana, finding yourself is the only purpose of everyone’s life.

We have become so busy these days evaluating everyone around us that we forget about ourselves. According to Parmatmana, the happiest people are those who evaluate themselves and improve their own lives whereas the unhappy people are the ones who focus more on others. 

Well, this is enough to say that evaluating yourself is the key to your success.

Do Not Let Your Ego Stop You From Learning About Yourself

Your ego is your biggest enemy!

The “I” word in anyone’s life stops their growth in life. There is a very minor difference between ego and self-respect and most of us fail to realize the difference. Sometimes we become so self obsessed that we do not realize when we become egoistic. 

Since different people have different meanings of Ego, Parmatmana explains ego as an aspect of self that always sees itself in the positive light.

According to him, not realizing your mistakes, considering yourself right everytime are some symptoms of an egoistic person.

But do you think this is it?

Certainly it is not. Ego makes you feel that you know everything and when someone teaches you something, you feel offended. If this is defined, you have ego.

Ego does not let you open your mind to new suggestions, learning and only makes you dull and narrow-minded. Therefore if you wish to succeed in your life, you need to leave your ego and move forward.

Self Evaluate Yourself To Succeed In Life

Without complete self-evaluation, your failure is inevitable!

Parmatmana says, the only way to free yourself from ego and find the purpose of life is to self-evaluate yourself. We need to focus more on our thought processes and working tactics rather than just judging other people and their lives.

However, self evaluation is not that easy. You need to invest a lot of your time, sacrifice certain things and then only you can self evaluate yourself.

Therefore, we have come up with tips to help you evaluate yourself in the right way:

Never Be Afraid Of Your Weakness

Learning your weakness makes you strong!

Most of us may stop self evaluating ourselves when we start realizing our weaknesses. If you want to evaluate yourself, you need to learn about your weaknesses and never be afraid of the same. At every stage of your life, you may come across a weakness that you do not even realize you have. Therefore, always have the guts to accept your mistakes.

Never Compare Yourself With Others

Jealousy is one of your biggest enemies!

The word I and jealousy goes hand in hand. We are always in the race to become better than others without even realizing if we are capable of it or not. We always say if the other person can do one thing even I can do it. This is what stops you from becoming a better person and taking full advantage of your capabilities.

Ask Yourself Some Questions

You are your own critic!

Parmatmana says that nobody is your best critic than yourself. You need to be honest with yourself and ask questions about yourself. Introspect yourself about your deeds and if you are asking yourself questions, make sure that you give true answers. If you are unsure of what you need to ask yourself, simply medidate and think about what you have said and what you are supposed to say.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Criticism

Sometimes other people know you much better than yourself!

There are times when you are not able to see some things in yourself which others see. Therefore, you need to be sure that you are open to criticism. People may have some good and bad things to say about you which you yourself do not know. So, if someone gives you their review or opinion, keep your heart open to it.

Learn What Parmatmana Has To Say 

According to Parmatmana, unless you learn to face your shadows, you will always see them in others. One thing that you always need to know is that you see the outside world as you are.

Therefore, Parmatmana always suggests you to be positive in everything you do. Find happiness in what you have and how capable you are. Leave the race to become better than others but join the race to become better than yourself.

All your life, you have learnt from your past and this learning is the best way to answer questions like why did you say or do a particular thing. So, leave the past behind but not its learning.

Paramatmana says that you can only be free of all the shackles when you realize who you are and what is the purpose of your life.

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