Finding The Purpose Of Religion In Human Life

There is only one religion but there are various versions of it!!

When asked about our religion, we mostly reply with Hindu, Christian, Muslim, and Sikh. But is that the true meaning of religion? If yes, what has our religion taught us? To fight in the name of beliefs or disrespect other religions?

Well, certainly if your religion has taught you this, you are following the wrong version and meaning of religion.

With that said, if you are wondering what is the actual meaning and purpose of religion, let’s see what Parmatmana has to say about it!

The component of existence known as life is a combination of processes, acts, responses, judgments, and growth. The fundamental distinction between life and non-life is that life requires energy for the growth of its physical and mental components.

But this is a framed and technical answer. To find a purpose behind our existence in our religion, we need to figure out what life actually means. Every human must strive to develop their own understanding of their religion and ideologies, and they can help develop themselves into their best version.

The True Meaning Of Life And Religion

Life is a process of evolution!

Everything paces through stages where it grows, and then it comes to an end. The cycle is always in motion. Whenever this cycle stops, life also stops.

In the society we live in, we are bound together by our beliefs, practices, or in other words, our religion. Religion was developed when a group of people who believed in the same ideology regarding the process of living came together and accepted it as a whole.

When human civilization started developing and understanding their surroundings, they needed someone and some principles that guided them through their life. This requirement led to the formation of various religions. And since then, the idea of religion has also evolved and grown along with human life.

Revolutionizing a person, altering his ideals, and helping him see the significance of his life is not a simple task, but even the smallest start in this direction is wonderful.

Every single person needs to awaken and realize the purpose of their being.

Does The Idea Of Religion Being Anti-Life Exist?

Parmatmana says that there have been various encounters where the notion of religion being considered anti-life has popped up; however, such an idea is not sustainable. He says any religion that is teaching the ideology of being anti-life regarding some other religion is just an inhuman act.

Considering any religion, all the scriptures and teachings have supported the growth of human life. Abortions and murders are still considered one of the most heinous crimes that a human can commit.

The doors of religion have become so wide that they are progressing with time. Religions must allow their member to grow along with their growth. For example, several religions have accepted same-sex marriage.

This decision was taken to give hope to humans who just had different preferences. However, even when religion allows such development, there are always few humans who find change intolerant.

Choose Your Crowd Wisely

The purpose of building a religion was to allow human life to grow and flourish together in an environment that supports life. However, there are few humans who have strong ideologies and will go to any extent to ensure that nobody crosses the barrier that they have set for their religion. The reason for such wrong developments is the wrong interpretation of the religious teachings.

Such stringent people often incite violence and murder among the people. They take it upon themselves to take serious action while jeopardizing human life.

It is imperative that a person must stay away from such selective humans to ensure that they develop and grow. After all, growth is the true essence of human life and nothing else.

How To Make Your Path For Growth?

With so many shackles how will you grow and find your purpose in life? If that question haunts you, hear what Parmatmana has to say about it.

It is the responsibility of each and every human to take responsibility for themselves. People must believe that they are the masters of their own destiny, and they must fulfill their purpose of growth.

A person must be aware of his surroundings. Everyone must find their purpose and strive to fulfil it in this life. If anything is preventing the growth of a person, it is his duty to make sure he overcomes such obstacles and moves toward his growth.

Parmatmana explains that the ideology of a limited mindset is the greatest poison a human can have. The ultimate goal of the growth and completion cycle is compromised as soon as a human stops expanding his horizons to understand other people who are on the same journey as him.

Several people have found their answers in religion. Religion has given a beautiful guideline for humans to flourish and mold their lives. No religion is supportive of any violence towards any living thing.

The teachings in every religion are proof that it is our own belief and mindset that makes us able to grow and be on the path of nonviolence.

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