Finding The Purpose Of Life

Are you bored of waking up in the morning, going to school or the office, having food and sleeping and just simply spending your life? Well, do you think that this is the only purpose of your life?

Certainly not! Most of us just spend our lives on this earth and die one day but that’s not the purpose of our life.

But how to find the purpose of your life? Parmatmana has some wise words for you.

Parmatmana says we don’t have any purpose in our lives because life to us means nothing more than following the crowd, running after the leaders, being assertive about our religion, and being selfish and self-obsessed.

We are incapable of understanding and change because of the barriers that have been constructed by our society in the form of religion, beliefs, and sentiments.

These barriers have created such an impact on our minds that our understanding of life and its purpose is left far behind. We don’t understand the value of life because we haven’t explored the meaning and essence of life.

Most of us feel that the only pursuit of life is gaining materialistic things, blindly following conventional beliefs, and doing nothing to improve our condition.

Finding a purpose in your life helps you gain stability and an eagerness to get up and start again whenever you fail. It provides a path for you, guides you, and helps you achieve your aim in life. When you find the purpose in your life, your life is automatically filled with happiness and contentment.

Either you are too isolated to understand the meaning of life, or you are too involved in the things that support the anti-life beliefs. To understand life, we need to understand ourselves and the reason behind our existence.

We need to analyze why life is to be spent in a lively manner. Parmatmana suggests Some pointers that will help us to understand the purpose of life. They are:

  • Focus on your growth as an individual.
  • Be grateful for everything and practice gratitude as it makes you generous and kind.
  • Find the balance between helping others and helping yourself.
  • Read, learn, and explore as much as you can.
  • Meet new people, know their stories, and talk to them. It helps you to gain a perspective on other people’s lives.

Self-Love: The Key To Finding Purpose In Life

Learn to love yourself before others!!

We all have heard this saying but none of us actually implements it in real life.

Parmatmana explains that self-love is when you appreciate and love yourself and value your existence. It is what enables you to keep yourself on the top priority, work for your happiness, keep yourself healthy, and enables you to take care of your needs.

It puts more emphasis on accepting yourself just as you are, irrespective of the judgments, perspectives, and mindsets. Self-love allows you to create an understanding with yourself. It makes you think about your body, mind, and soul.

When you think so much about yourself, you start understanding your needs, ideas, strengths, purpose, and weaknesses. This leads you to start investing in understanding yourself and working to improve yourself.

Self-love is the key to understanding the purpose of life. As per Parmatmana, you can learn self-love by following these activities:

  • Practising self-care by involving yourself in healthy activities.
  • Write down your thoughts or ideas in a journal.
  • Exploring your hobbies and skills by taking part in all the activities.
  • Gaining knowledge about everything that interests you.

So, you have to start loving yourself because once you fall in love with yourself, you automatically understand life better, analyze your purpose in life, and work towards growing and evolving.

Discard The Social Constructs

What’s stopping you from loving yourself? What is the reason you are not able to see the good things in your life? Parmatmana says its social constructs that guide the lives of most of us.

Social constructs are blind notions and beliefs that are constructed by society with their terms and conditions. These beliefs revolve more around primitive notions, insufficient knowledge, and age-old conventions.

Social constructs such as moulding religion in our own way, waiting for miracles to happen, and setting out parameters to decide how religious a person is, need to be removed from the roots in our society.

Since these constructs are something that has been hereditarily sent to us, it will take a lot of time to eradicate these outlandish social constructs. They not only hamper the growth of our nation but also impart superficial and incomplete knowledge based on superstitions.

And to discard these social constructs, something new needs to be explored. This can only be done when we understand self-love, and self-care, understand what life is, and our purpose in life. We need to be mindful of what’s stopping our growth and making us living dead.

Social constructs make us living dead because they snatch the purpose of life from us, making us lazy and worthless. Removing these constructs is a crucial and challenging job that requires a lot of zeal, dedication, and patience.

Parmatmana, therefore, suggests starting working on reforming yourself as it will automatically lead to you discarding the social constructs. And then, ultimately, you will understand and evaluate the purpose of your life. Not only this but eventually, your society or nation may also accept and adapt to these changes.

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