Growth is the Only Purpose of Life


The first and most important thing that needs to be done is to save humans from getting destroyed, from not growing, from getting stuck in the shackles put on them by society, and from getting deeper and deeper into the ditch of primitiveness and savagery. 

This can only be done when we, instead of advising humans to save the entities, will guide them to save and reform themselves. Because when a human is reformed and saved, only then can he save an entity or a resource. 

We have got wrong notions and ideologies about everything as we perceive things in a manner that seems primitive and unpolished. We are not at fault here because we have been taught so, and these notions have passed on from generation to generation. 

But if we do not change this or understand what is wrong, then we are definitely at fault. 

Reforming a human being, changing his ideologies, and making him realize the meaning behind his existence is not an easy job to do, but even a small step towards this development is great in itself.                   

Each and everyone needs to wake up and understand what is the meaning behind their existence. All the posters made for saving resources like rivers, water, etc., won’t do anything. But once a human understands his purpose, he will understand how he needs to take care of these resources.

Following The Crowd Will Only Restrict Your Growth

We, humans, are often observed practicing this phenomenon of following the crowd. We don’t utilize our reason or understanding to intercept and apprehend what is right, but we put more emphasis on following the crowd and doing what the masses do. This is sheer illiteracy, lack of knowledge, and pure primitiveness that leads us to this.

If we understand and analyze the situation, plan out things, and strategize the situation or any circumstance, then we would definitely find a better way or path than following the crowd.

Our deep-rooted superficial knowledge of everything that we gained from this society is what makes us choose the crowd rather than our reason. Illogical thought processes and superstitious beliefs are what lead to such decisions. 

Following the crowd that knows nothing, doesn’t use reason, and follows pre-conceived notions and beliefs is what directs toward the destruction of a society. A society that lives by these principles can never grow and develop into a proper state or nation. 

What comes as an obstacle in their path toward growth is their sheer primitiveness. The old conventions have put up blindfolds on their eyes that don’t let them see the loopholes in the beliefs that they can kill for.

Not only religious beliefs, but there are political beliefs as well that we follow blindly like stupids just because we think that these leaders are the ones who can change and enhance our future.

Thus, following others like a fool without knowledge and understanding makes you more trapped in the web that your society has initiated, and you have spun further.

You Can Only Make Your Future Better

You have to comprehend that you can only make a perfect present for yourself and a better future for your coming generation by shunning these shackles that prevent you from growing. 

You have to start living in the present, understand yourself, and find answers to the questions that you fear to ask. Knowing your purpose and worth will only help you shape your future.

Fighting over religion, lynching people to death, and defying each other for being more religious than others are the characteristics of a nation that will be doomed and won’t grow in any way possible. 

Moreover, the people living in that nation wouldn’t even grow individually because their minds are shut, and their eyes are blinded by the beliefs that they think to be religion.

Religion is what allows people to live the way they want to. It doesn’t create fights and doesn’t acknowledge lynching people to death. Religion doesn’t allow or support violence. What it preaches is to live peacefully with one another. 

Religion teaches us to be polite, sober, and gentle. It doesn’t create divisions or sects, or riots. It advises us to follow the path of peace and prosperity. But all the opposite things happen to us in our society because we follow the religion the wrong way. We don’t follow what it actually preaches, but we rather follow what we assume it preaches.

Thus, we need to change ourselves in a way that our society becomes a place where no one has to declare himself being religious by announcing it on the roads, where love and peace are treated as the highest form of religion, and where we don’t have to pretend anything, where people live with compassion and kindness. 

Because our religion should be an internal process or belief which need not be displayed or showcased on the roads in the form of violence. 

It is highly important for us to understand our purpose in life and grow in life. Changing our mindset, beliefs and thoughts is the only way we can grow in life. 

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