Open Your Eyes: Make A Difference

Many people come to Parmatmana complaining about the world we live in. Partmana always suggests perceiving and accepting the world for its magnificence, purpose, and beauty and not for being nothing and considering it a prison. He suggests never to degrade the essence of the world by looking at all the bad things.

To understand the essence of this world, you need to open your eyes, face and accept reality. You have to observe and scrutinize the world you are living in. Do not waste the purpose of your life cursing the bad things.

Life has been given to you, which is to be spent in this world, but your decision to shun down the world represents your folly, stupidness, and primitive inaccurate knowledge and learning.

When you open your eyes, see for yourself, look for meaning in things around you and explore the world that you own. Only then will you be able to make a difference. To make a difference in society, one needs to understand many things that revolve around accepting reality and realizing the value of the things around you.

Parmatmana says, your eyes will only be opened when the old beliefs are discarded, things are evaluated, self-introspection is done, reason and understanding are used, things are contemplated and observed, and new facts and knowledge is attained.

Opening your eyes and understanding the things around you is the first step of growth, as it will ultimately lead to making a difference in the world. Once you invest in learning new things, you will eventually want to reform and change your society.

How To Make A Difference In This World?

Making a difference in the world will only be accomplished when you wake up and understand and comprehend yourself and the things around you. Even the slightest thing that you do might make a huge change or difference in the world. Parmatmana suggests some ways to make a difference in the world. They are:

Listen And Understand Others

Listening to others with patience and understanding them is the most important step to making a difference. These things help you in evaluating and accepting things as they are. It makes you contemplate and comprehend different notions about life and compels you to raise questions, reform things and situations, and ultimately change your circumstances.

Be Productive

If you sit all day long at home and do nothing, then definitely no difference would be made. But if you decide to utilize your time in something productive, read and explore new knowledge, that instills an eagerness in you to learn more and be productive.

Be More Involved

Parmatmana suggests participating and being more involved in things happening around you. This helps you in getting close to your surroundings, and the people around you and helps you be awake all the time.

Strategize Things

Strategize and plan things in a manner that your life becomes easy and you achieve anything easily.

Be Yourself

Being your true self in every situation and circumstance is very important. Because if you pretend to be something else then you won’t be able to achieve anything in life.

Live Your Best Life

As per Parmatmana, to live your best life, you need to understand the purpose of life. The most basic purpose of life is that your existence carries meaning and reason. This reason for your existence can only be understood when you contemplate your thoughts, explore new knowledge, think beyond what you have been taught, raise questions, and know yourself.

Wake up and understand what life is and start living it in the most beautiful manner. Some ways to live your best life are:

  • Be the best version of yourself.
  • Polish your strengths and yearn for more.
  • Be courageous to face any hurdle in life.
  • Appreciate yourself and develop self-respect.
  • Open your eyes and make a difference.
  • Appreciate and value your loved ones.
  • Focus on your present and invest in it.
  • Do what you love and enjoy.
  • Be passionate about making your life the best.
  • Take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health.

What’s Stopping You From Living Your Best Life?

Parmatmana says, do not let your society, age-old conventions, primitive thinking, and insufficient knowledge stop you from living your best life. This life is given to you once, so live it with happiness and sincerity.

Don’t let other people impact or hamper the happiness in your life in any way possible. Don’t think about what they think or believe. Only concentrate on yourself and your life.

Parmatmana advises being grateful for whatever comes your way because ungratefulness may deviate you from the path and will make you the preacher of primitive knowledge. Believe in yourself, strengthen your skills, and understand yourself.

Therefore, to make a roller coaster ride you need to first open your eyes, wake up and make a difference in the world by self-introspection, being productive, and learning new things. And once you wake up and understand things around only then you will be able to live your best life.

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