Religion And Its True Understanding

Are you also wandering looking for the real meaning of religion? Do you also observe people fighting just in the name of religion?

Paramatmana says, Religion isn’t what we perceive it to be, what we have taught it to be, or what we think it to be. He says that religion is rather a force that completes us, pacifies our soul, and helps us attain liberation.

The age-old knowledge and obsolete notions have made us perceive and understand religion in a more dominating and narrow-minded way that we mistake to be something else.

We don’t understand and comprehend what we do because we are all in a race of being the most religious person. In the race of becoming the most religious, sometimes we also do certain things which we know are wrong!

We often see children becoming the torch-bearers of religion. They are just made to memorize a few lines and verses and this brings them accolades and praises.

It does not matter whether they understand and comprehend those verses or not because we don’t have to do anything with the meaning. Our main goal is the praise and recognition that we gain after claiming ourselves religious.

This is a harsh but sad reality that the religion we boast about, has no actual meaning to us because we never even tried to understand it.

Parmatmana explains that religion should be from within. He further says that these days religion comes from external sources who we think are the advocates of religion.

Learn and understand religion, raise questions, answer them, search for new things, and interpret the religion in your own way because only then you will understand the true religion, and apprehend its true teaching and purpose. And maybe then you can call yourself religious in the right way.

Break The Old Shackles And Accept The New Beliefs

Parmatmana asks how you expect to change if you are still following the traditional and wrong trends.

He says, what has led to the downfall of our society in every aspect is holding on to the old shackles and wrong understanding of religion. This has made us unworthy of any achievement in our life.

We have inherited these shackles from our ancestors who had limited availability of knowledge. But despite having so much technology and education, we fail miserably to discover and generate something new from our understanding.

Parmatmana explains how our understanding seems to have gotten engulfed with the rust of these shackles that have made it of no use. Once we remove and throw away these shackles, only then our mind will evolve and our understanding will work.

Accepting and discovering something new doesn’t require much effort. It just needs your knowledge, understanding, and credibility to search and find the unexplored.

Parmatmana suggests some points to be kept in mind to discover the undiscovered. They are:

  • Let go of your primitive notions.
  • Understand the society, the people, and the phenomena occurring around you.
  • Invest in learning and attaining knowledge.
  • Have the curiosity to know and learn more.
  • Work hard and make the best out of your lives.

When you start following these points, only then will you understand yourself, the religion, the divinity, and your society. This will make you grow in an unexpected and healthy manner.

The True Meaning Of Religion

But what is the true meaning of religion? What should one think of religion?

Parmatmana, with his wise words, has explained the real meaning of religion. A true understanding of religion will only be achieved when you start working on your present which includes breaking the old shackles and beliefs that bound you to primitiveness.

These old shackles link you to the past and make you worry about your future. But focusing on your present is what will help you understand the religion, invest in yourself, and move towards development and growth.

You can only invest in your present if you accept the new and have thrown away the old beliefs and notions. You have to understand and accept that only you can change your society and it will only happen when you start changing yourself.

Some pointers that will help you to focus on your present are:

  • Notice and observe what’s around you.
  • Observe what others lack and Start appreciating what you have.
  • Focus on what you are doing and give it your best shot.
  • Accept things as they are because it will help you to grow and move on.
  • Invest in your inner self, understand, and work on it.

Paramatmana says, once you follow these tips and start focusing on your present, it will automatically affect your past and your future. It will make you a better human being and help you invest in yourself.

You will start learning new things and will understand how things are to be perceived using your own mindset.

Therefore, living in your present, breaking the old shackles, and enhancing the new ones are what contribute a lot to your understanding of religion.

Your knowledge, interpretation, and understanding will be better once you follow and evaluate these things. Above all, it makes you a better human being who can change and develop society as everyone says “be the change you want to see in the world.”

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