Recognizing the Highest Power Within Us-Learn What Parmatmana Says

Everybody in the world has certain beliefs about a power guiding them in every aspect of life. Many of us come from a religious background where we have been taught to believe in a deity, a god, or a supreme individual who will enlighten us.

But as we go deeper in life we will realize that there is more than believing in god.

The older men of our society have always taught us to believe in god as they will guide us. Now, the question pops up that even after following all the beliefs; have we actually attained any enlightenment?

According to Parmatmana, to answer this question, you will have to break the shackles of year-long practices and beliefs.

He explained the same with a very interesting example. Take the reading glasses of any of your grandparents who need assistance from these glasses to read. Now wear those glasses and try to continue your life. What do you notice?

You cannot do your daily activities for more than a few minutes with those glasses. This is the condition of the majority of people in our society. They are so blinded by the practices that have been going on for years that they have actually lost sight of the reasoning behind such practices.

Religion Is Not The Higher Power

The teachings of religion are not bad however they shall not be followed blindly also. Our perception and understanding of religion have become so dominant and constrained due to outdated information and preconceived assumptions that we have mistaken it for something else.

For us, religion has evolved into a lifestyle that is important to be accepted to survive well in society. Children frequently take on the role of carrying the religious propaganda at such early stages in life that it can be equated to being brainwashed.

The religion often required its followers to memorize a few verses and phrases, and propagate its understanding to the masses yet doing so rewards them with praise. It has evolved into a kind of possession that we wish to flaunt.

However, it is irrelevant whether people know and understand those passages or not because we are not required to change the meaning in any way. Our major objective is the admiration and acceptance we receive after identifying as religious.

But this is not the true higher power. This is not the almighty that we have been forced to believe in since our birth.

What Is The Higher Power: Parmatmana Explains?

Parmatmana explained that the higher power is a universal force that cannot be seen but only felt. The higher power is often treated as a beacon of guidance that surrounds us all the time. The derivation of this higher power is done through faith.

It is believed that you can feel the essence of the higher power all around you. It can be felt in the slightest of the slightest things. It can be felt in the air against your body to the power within your body.

Faith is the driving force for every human. Now the question of where shall I put my faith will arise. The biggest power in the world that a person has is himself. Believing in oneself is the highest level of faith a person can gather.

It is often said if you have faith and courage then you can move mountains. This is what we have been learning since an early age however we never tried to use it on our path in life to achieve a better version of ourselves.

How To Harness Higher Power In Our Life?

Have you ever wondered that in the times when you are most vulnerable and somehow a sense of confidence and power grasps you? This is the true form of the higher power.

Higher power is the power that resides in our body and our mind. This power comes with self-confidence, the power to believe in oneself. There are many ways by which a person can harness the higher power within himself. The basic practices may include exercises to be confident, realize self-worth, and practice patience.

Parmatmana explains how the first step to harnessing the higher power is to let go of the previous beliefs and accept that you are the maker of your destiny. If you have enough courage to take this step then moving forward will flow easily in your practice.

Every person must have the desire to attain the greatest version that they are capable of. A person shall always have a vision that becomes the guiding force for the future ahead. Look around and observe the activities of people. Analyze them and adopt the best practices that will put you forward in life. Taking inspiration from others is a great motivation.

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