Why does parmatmana say that if these religions were not there, then songs of love would have been sung in the world?

Young Novice monk laugh.

Do you know that over 6.8% of the historic fights were over religion only?

Shocking isn’t it? Well, with these statistics, it won’t be wrong to say that religion has always been a major cause of conflicts for ages.

But why does it happen? Does our religion need to be saved?

To be honest, no one can save a religion as it is not something to be saved. Your mindset, faith and beliefs define what your religion is and the religion you are.

Following a particular set of beliefs followed by a group of influential people is not religion. Religion is only your set of rules and practices. Practising humanity, gratitude, and kindness is the biggest religion in this world.

However, we alone are not at fault here! We have been taught to perceive religion as a set of predefined rules set by our Dharam gurus.

Imagine a world without religion.

Imagine everyone is equal, no minority and no majority.

Wouldn’t that world be more peaceful?

Certainly, it will be! And this is what Parmatmana has always advised his followers. He has always advised us to rise up from orthodox beliefs and treat people with respect no matter which religion they belong to.

With his words, he has always told people not to become the saviour of religion but humanity!

He believes only our superstitions and our lack of knowledge about religion have taken us on the wrong path and have caused so many conflicts. This is why he has always said if these religions were not there, then songs of love would have been sung in the world.

Being good and kind to people is above all religion!

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