What does Parmatmana want to make of this world?

Parmatmana wants to make this world more enlightened and knowledgeable!

Everyone is in a race for one or the other thing. Some may want to become the world’s biggest businessman, some just want to become the most religious person or some are just fighting with themselves.

But all this for what?

The answer is quite simple: liberation and the feeling of satisfaction.

But do you think with money, power, or religion; you can feel liberation?

If yes, you are not aware of what liberation means. Parmatmana’s ideologies will make it more clear to you.

Parmatamana spent half of his life finding the god. Following everything which was told to him by the Dharam gurus or the Tantrics, Paramatmana did everything.

But was he able to find god? Unfortunately, No

After a certain amount of time, with his age, Parmatmana realized that his desire to find liberation and god vanished. He was much more satisfied and liberated in his life than ever before.

He realized how he has been finding nothing but himself!

Since that day, Parmatmana has been dedicated to providing the same knowledge to all. He makes people realize how important it is to know themselves.

Parmatmana always advises listening to your inner being when it comes to making your life decisions rather than just listening to your Dharam gurus for everything.

He wishes to enlighten people about their inner strengths, weakness, and capability. He wished to make the whole world a better and a grateful place to survive.

By realizing the importance of self-introspection and our purpose in life, the world can become a better place to live in. All this can be achieved with the help of an enlightened buddha.

So, Parmatmana always suggests if you wish to understand the meaning of life, find an enlightened buddha, not a Dharam guru.

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