Why does parmatmana say that it is better to save man than to save religion?

Don’t you think religion causes most of the conflicts in the world?

Hindus, Muslims, Christians, or Sikhs, everyone is fighting to save their religion. But will your religion save you?

Do you think fighting for religion will give you a better afterlife? Will it give you any kind of security or stability in your life?

The answer to all these questions is a NO.

Wasting the precious life that god has given you to save the interest and beliefs of people who don’t even know what religion is lunacy.

Who is going to follow your religion if you are going to die fighting for it? Your Dharam gurus? Your family? Your friends? Or your community?

No one.

Parmatmana says religion does not teach you to fight and demean other people’s beliefs. Religion simply means to guide people based on their mindset, faith, beliefs and rules. Every religion should focus on making the world peaceful.

Your mindset and belief represent your religion, not your clothes and personality. Parmatmana in his life has been to many Dharam gurus and Tantrics to understand the meaning of god and religion.

He only realized that we are being wronged in the name of religion. We are made to do all the wrong things in the name of religion and surprisingly, we are doing everything without giving it a thought.

Therefore, it is time to understand and save the religion of humanity. We need to rise above the Hindu, Christian, Muslim or Sikh and follow the path of kindness and humanity in the world.

You will only become religious and spiritual the day you realize who you are, discover who you are looking for, and find the purpose of your life.

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