Why parmatmana says that why are you converting a child into a Hindu or a Muslim joker?

I am religious! I am into spirituality!

How many of you say this to yourself and the world every day? 

But what is the actual meaning of religion or spirituality? Do you know? 

Many of us will fail to answer these questions. Do you know why? Because we ourselves have never asked these questions to people who taught us the meaning of religion.

The same thing we are doing with our children. As a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, or Sikh we always want our children to follow our religion(which we think is a religion).

We teach them our quotes, make them understand the history of our religion, and even take them to religious places to make them religious.

Do you think you are doing the right thing? Your parents had the same thing, did you become religious or spiritual?

Certainly not!

Parmatmana after spending half of his life looking for god realized that we all are following the same course without even giving it a second thought.

We are so fascinated by the idea of liberation and finding god that we do not even want to think twice when doing something in the name of god.

And not to the surprise, that’s what we are doing to our children.

This is why Parmatmana says that we are only making the fool of our kids in society by teaching the wrong meaning of religion. Whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim, your religion should only teach your brotherhood and to have faith and belief in yourself.

Do not make your children learn religious books or chants, make them know themselves and teach them the way to become good human beings.

Let your children rise above the shackles of the old superstitions of religion and make this world a better place.

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