Why does Parmatmana say today we need a new type of human?

Superstitions are just habits rather than beliefs!

In today’s world, we are living more on our superstitions rather than our beliefs. A small obstacle or a small issue in our lives is enough to make us superstitious.

When a simple problem hits our lives, we run to our Dharam gurus to find solutions to our problems. But do you actually think that they can resolve your problems?

Do you think someone who is not in your shoes, who has no idea what is actually going on with your life can solve your problems? 

Well, we do not often ask these questions ourselves when we are in a problem. All we do is run to our Dharam gurus and ask them for solutions.

This is the reason why most of us have become superstitious and our Dharam gurus run our lives. Our loss of trust in ourselves has given the power to the Dharam gurus to run this world.

Parmatmana himself has been to different Dharam gurus to find god and feel liberation but surprisingly, he failed. In his lifetime, he has done fasting, chanted mantras, remembered all the slokas and quotes written in the religious books, and even made Dhyanalinga. 

Unfortunately, he had no luck and he found no god.

You must be wondering how he says that he has found god now.

It’s because he has found himself.

When a person finds their purpose in life, they are free from the shackles of religion and Dharam gurus, he can find God.

And this is what needs to be changed in every human now.

We need to leave the shackles of our desires, wants, religion and superstition to fulfil the purpose of our life. 

Leaving our old, orthodox and bounded mentality, we all need to find ourselves and become new people!

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